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Plug-in hybrid or pure electric cars have more than doubled their market share nearing 10% in Europe in 2020, despite the harsh impacts of Covid on the economy and our daily lives.

Is your organization ready for this massive switch to electric mobility? Do you have the right products to offer to your customer?

To provide you with the best and most affordable charging equipment, we introduce our Cable SoolutionsEnterprise Webshop Discount program

what’s the deal?

The Enterprise Webshop Discount is available in 3 variants allowing you to only use what you need and providing growth path to higher sales volumes and bigger discounts.

With the Enterprise webshop discount you can shop in our Cable Soolutions shop on account and receive up to 12,5% on all products in the shop.

Just sign up and after we have created your account, you will receive an activation email and you can start shopping.  The discounts are automatically calculated in the shop, so you can see the discount directly in your shopping cart.

Simply click on the link below or send an email with your company information and we will get you started. Sign up for a free account and select your preferred discount level.


yearly purchase commitment
€ 2.500
  • 2,5%


yearly purchase commitment
€ 7.500
  • 7,5%


yearly purchase commitment
€ 15.000
  • 12,5%

Discount on all products orders via cablesoolutions

enterprise webshop

For your organisation

Fleet management: Is your organisation’s fleet being converted to electric? Our one-stop shop will provide you with all the charging equipment your fleet needs to ensure all vehicles are at ready to go at any time.

Facilities management: Offer the right EV services to your employees or visiting customers that park on your premises.

Development and maintenance: Find all the parts and components you need to build and maintain your own charging infrastructure and services.

enterprise webshop

For your customer

Cardealers, lease companies, utilities: Provide your EV customers with the most fit for purpose charging equipment and brandable accessories.

Electricians: Find the right parts and components for every installation job. From cables to breaker and for homes and businesses.

enterprise webshop

For your benefit

Receive a free welcome package worth over €75,- + 5% extra discount on your first order.

Great discounts on all products and all purchases with up to 12,5%

Stay up to date with the latest and best product for the best prices in the market.

Free shipment throughout Europe. With delivery in 1-3 days after order placement.

Sign me up!

1. Just signup for a free account and select your preferred discount level

2. We will validate your application within 24 hours and create your account for the webshop

3. Login with your new account and you are ready to enjoy our benefits

We cover and ship to 33 EU countries
with live chat and telephone support in German, English, French and Dutch

We have served over 7500 different customers
50% split between consumers and businesses

We contracted products from 15 Supplier Partners

We have contracted
several Installation Partners
national coverage

We sell more than 1000 different products
related to EV charging for home, public and workplace

We are visited
more than 1000 times per day