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While in the upcoming years the public will have many electric cars to select
from, the market is missing reliable, easy to understand information and
execution enabling them to charge at home, work and in the public. 

Soolutions is here to help the energy and mobility transition in a sustainable manner

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the best soolutions for charging your EV

Via our Soolutions webshops we provide our customers with the best hardware products and software services for a sustainable future. Ranging from electric vehicle Charging stations to adapters and from installation to station management services. Via our free and consumer friendly tools, we enable every household to take part in an energy neutral world.

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A sustainable future starts by joining forces. With our partner program we offer installers, suppliers and enterprises additional sales channels and revenue streams. With our online tools and offline services we can help you grow your business. 

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We see a rapidly growing EV market and we are ready to expand our global reach and service offering. We are looking for lead investors who believe in our idea’s and scalability of our model.

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Are you interested to learn more about our services, our Partner Program or interested to become an investor?
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what's new?
This handy and easy to store EV charging cable adapter is for vehicles with a type 1 socket on the

We sell more than 500 different products
related to EV charging for home, public and workplace

We have served over 5000 different customers
50% split between consumers and businesses

We contracted products from 15 Supplier Partners

We have contracted
several Installation Partners
national coverage

We sell more than 500 different products
related to EV charging for home, public and workplace

We are visited
more than 700 times per day