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Over the next 5 years the European EV market is expected to growth to 7 million new cars sold in 2025 and reaching 80-90% of all all new cars sold in 2030. Of the 450 million homes in the EU, around 100 million can physically be equipped with a home charger in. So this will become a huge market in the next 10 years.

We also recognize that the adoption of EV’s can cause range  and technology anxiety; therefore, our aim is to provide a simple, complete solution to help new EV owners adopt the transition to electric vehicles. We will offer EV owners expertise and support to establish the required infrastructure to incorporate an electric vehicle in their lifestyles. 

We are looking for early stage investors who believe in the EV market and scalability of our model.

New EV's sold per year

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We are looking for strategic investors with a 3-5 years horizon. With a minimum ticket size of €50.000 and a target amount of €600.000. 

 Key investment considerations

  • Innovative business model in a fast growing and new market
  • Proven track record in selling comparable products in several European markets
  • Easily scalable internationally
  • Strong and committed team

Why invest in Soolutions

Who are Soolutions?

At Soolutions we believe that this energy transition may bring challenges for many people in the public sector who may not fully understand the implications of this shift. The public will require experts to guide them through the transition and will require simplicity and comfort to make the journey successful and sustainable. The Soolutions platform is intended to support this journey: and we start to ease the adoption of EV’s (electric vehicles) with the ultimate goal of ensuring a successful transition from combustion engines to EV’s. We recognize that the adoption of EV’s may cause anxiety for individuals; therefore, our aim is to provide a simple, complete solution to help new EV owners adopt the transition to electric vehicles. We will offer EV owners expertise and support to establish the required infrastructure to incorporate an electric vehicle in their lifestyles.

Where are we now?

It is one of the fastest growing EV charging web shops in Europe. We recently introduced our Charge Configurator tool as part of CableSoolutions to bundle our hardware with installation services. The Charge Configurator tool guides customers through the process of selecting the appropriate charging equipment suitable for their home and tailored to their car requirements. Once the customer has selected the appropriate hardware, the platform will provide an option to schedule an installation appointment with one of the certified installers for our Installer Partner Program. In addition to home charging solutions, our platform also guides the customer through public charging plans to help identify the plan most suitable for the customer needs. Throughout the entire journey, the customer has access to a live chat function where we will provide expertise and support to ensure the customer is fully satisfied.

Furthermore, we are currently expanding our reach by also offering our existing services as white label products to our business Partners utilities via our Enterprise Program. These Enterprise Partners such as car dealers, lease companies, social housing corporations and utilities can leverage our fully developed web shop with partner discounts, our Charge Configurator for sales purposes, our fulfilment services, and our installer network for training and certification.

Who is doing all this?

We are a team of highly motivated entrepreneurs with a mission to simplify the experience of buying an EVcharging point.  With changing requirements for charging cars, variations in the power grid and a wide range of charging options, finding the right solution can be overwhelming and challenging. We strive to provide the customer with independent and relevant information. We needa simple, stress-free process to purchase the best EV charging solution. We offer expert and independent customer service in English, Dutch, French and German and  we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction.

What do we offer to consumers?
Via our CableSoolutions shop we provide Electric Vehicle Charging equipment for Homeowners and EV drivers. This included charging cables and stations, certified installation services, adaptors, accessories and much more. Accessible via our “Manage Yourself” shop and our “Turn key” Charge Configurator. The Charge Configurator is a one- stop- shop for EV drivers where we bundle our Partners Products and Service in an simply to use online tool which helps and guides a consumer with it’s journey of buying “the right” charging equipment and/or charging access for his personal situation.

What do we offer to business?

The core of our operations lies in the Partner Program where we use the expertise, products and services from our highly valued Partners. We have 3 separate Partner Programs for Installers, Suppliers and Enterprises. By bundling these services in a seamless Partner Suite we can add value to the chain for both partners and consumers while generating a network and marketplace effect on the Platform. 

For Enterprises like cardealers or leasecompanies who want to be able to order the best and most affordable EV charging products they can sign up for our Enterprise Webshop Discount program.  For your customers who want a turn key solutions for hardware, software and installation we offer our Enterprise SuiteWhich our enterprise tools we guide their customers to the right EV hardware equipment, , provide the fulfilment, schedule and take of the installation and provide after sales and customer support. We strive to provide a high quality, simple, intuitive experience to your customer.

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