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Soolutions offers you a one-stop shop to meet your EV charging needs.

Over the last few years we have seen that there are essentially two types of consumers: the “Manage Yourself” and the “Turnkey” consumers. Both have a different customer journey and hence require different approaches:

For our “manage yourself” customers we offer our existing Cable Soolutions web shop with relevant information on EV charging, access to a broad selection of quality EV charging equipment for Home and public, quality customer support, and efficient fulfilment services.

For our “turn key” customers we offer our Charge Wizard tool to guide customers through EV hardware equipment selection, installation scheduling, and reoccurring services packages. We strive to provide a high quality, simple, intuitive experience to the customer.

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Do you know what product you are looking for? If so, our Cable Soolutions webshop is a great place to find all your EV charging needs. We provide information for car-specific charging needs and offer a wide variety of charging products and accessories on our easy-to-use webshop. Click “Shop now” below to check out this great resource!


everything taken
care of with the
Charge Wizard

Are you uncertain which product is best for your home charging needs? Our Charge Wizard is an intuitive platform that asks all the right questions to determine the best charging solutions for you. Once you select the option most suitable for your needs, you can immediately schedule a home installation with one of our certified installers.